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I spend (too) much of my time being grumpy with minor celebrities on Twitter. It’s not trolling. Honest. I genuinely hold these opinions, it’s just that they seem to be different from everyone else’s. Today’s argument, OK minor difference of opinion, was with David Quantick and Richard Herring and it involved Tim Brooke-Taylor and a Union Jack waistcoat.

Basically David Quantick, @quantick, RTed the following, originally from Richard Herring:

RT hooray for that! @UKComedyNews: Goodies and ISIHAC star Tim Brooke-Taylor awarded an OBE

Now I think the honours system stinks (and I’ve just noticed an opportunity to title this post Gong Pong, but that’s poor) so I Tweeted what I hoped was a simultaneously bad-tempered but good-natured Reply along the lines of Tim Brooke-Taylor = Good. Gongs = Bad.

This got us into a brief to and fro, during which I learned that Richard Herring used to partner Stewart Lee, so I Tweeted him directly

Would you accept a gong? If Yes then FFS don’t tell Stewart 🙂

He replied that he thought it was unlikely ever to come up, but this dodges the issue.

Incidentally I also learned, initially via a dead link in Wikipedia but subsequently here  and here, that Tim Brooke-Taylor’s grandfather, the Reverend(!) Francis William Pawson, played centre forward for England. Twice. Scoring on his debut in a friendly against Northern Ireland. Anyway, back to the heated debate: @quantick made the amusing point, he is a comedy writer after all, that


which is kind of disarming, but the point remains:

Why are gongs revered, even by the irreverent?